Knoxville Marathon 2017

This marathon is one of our most well-attended events! We enjoy serving our community through radio communications, helping the Marathon staff keep track of where the runners and other participants are, relaying if help is needed, and just having a good ol' time! 


The team was ready before dawn!                                     One of the waterstops. There was a radio operator at every stop!


Waterstop Prep                                                            Supporters having fun!


     Barry K4BLB, Rick K4REF and Leo(I think)                  Rick K4REF, Barry K4BLB and Tom KA4TOM


               Eddie K4TYS and friend                                     Helpers of all ages attended! 



     FLDigi up and running!                                                  BoxR and RACK van 




    Jim Fetzer, Tom Sayres and friend                                Waterstop Quebec 


 RADOs at METERS tent                                                 COMMs leaders at Neyland Stadium

All who attended as communicators had fun, met new friends and learned a lot. The organizers appreciated our hard work, I am sure!  On to the next experience!