Hospital Nets

General Information

The Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service Club coordinates a monthly hospital net the last Friday of each month to test Knoxville area hospital emergency ham radio stations at each hospital site. The exercise is part of the Knox County Health Department Emergency Operations and the Knox County Emergency Management Agency. Area hospitals in East Tennessee are invited to check into this net.

Meters coordinates Knoxville area hospital emergency ham radio communication and can offer help to area hospital ham radio clubs or groups deployed to their respective hospitals as part of the regional emergency management and health department emergency plans.

Net Preamble

This IS A MONTHLY directed net conducted by the Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service, Inc., in cooperation with the KNOX COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND PARTICIPATING REGIONAL HOSPITALS. This net opens and meets one Friday evening* a month at 7 pm* Eastern Time on this 146.940 repeater. Our alternate opening frequency is the 146.625 repeater. This net is limited to short checks of emergency equipment at several area hospitals, on several frequencies and typically lasts less than 45 minutes. - This is both an equipment check, and training net. Authorized and licensed amateur radio communicators operating regional hospital emergency stations are invited to participate using their hospital tactical call sign along with their own call sign.

Additional information about METERS nets can be found on the Internet at 

As you check in, please give your tactical call sign phonetically, followed by your FCC call sign, and identify call signs of those operators assisting at your location. Also please give us a signal report for other hospital stations heard on the net. Net control will acknowledge each check-in.