Field Day 2017

Field Day at Ft. Dickerson Park was another success! The weather cooperated beautifully, and there were many contacts made, all over the country (and some in Canada!) Looking forward to next year!


RACK van                                      In the Pavilion                                Sign In



Testing Equipment                          Setting up Antennas                       Antenna Setup                               


Go Box Setup                                Rick Frost K4REF Winlink                Rick Frost K4REF teaching


Set up                                           Drone Setup                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jim Norman N4CFB


Dave Garner K4YRK and friends      After lunch discussion                    Jim Norman N4CFB and friend


Rick Slover /Barry Brown                Rick Slover ND4F                           Barry Brown K4BLB

  ND4F           K4BLB           


Leo D and Jack Creed                    Antenna takedown