Hi All! Digital Training is going great guns on Wednesday nights at 9PM, soon we will be starting  Winlink training! 

It is a digital training net, led by Barry Brown, K4BLB, and will start with FLDigi, then transitioning over several weeks to Winlink. FLDigi is fairly easy to learn, and will give much better capabilities for communication in the event normal analog cannot be done. For more information, please contact Barry at

And, as a reminder, there are a couple local nets on which you can practice your FLDIGI skills. JCARES (Jefferson County ARES) Digital Net meets Monday evenings, 6:00pm, on 145.370 repeater T 100.   METERS / ARES 2m Digital Net on Wednesday nights, 9:00pm, on 147.075 T 118.8.   Even if you don't check in, you can check your FLDIGI setup and decode some traffic!

This is going to be another good one!

Be prepared ...

Barry, K4BLB

Field Day, Ft. Dickerson Park, Knoxville, June 25 10AM-Sunday, June 26 2PM

posted Jun 22, 2022, 8:57 AM by Gardener Person

It's time for Field Day, at Ft. Dickerson Park, Knoxville! Come see what Amateur Radio is all about! We will set up on Saturday June 25, and operate several modes/bands until Sunday 2 PM! The RACK van will be there, and you can be shown how to operate a station, and maybe make a contact or two! Location is 3000 Ft. Dickerson Rd, Knoxville(off Chapman Highway).

Fort Dickerson Park

New topic- APRS.FI- June meeting, June 24, 2022

posted Feb 19, 2022, 12:28 AM by Gardener Person   [ updated Jun 22, 2022, 8:43 AM ]

"The June meeting will include a brief presentation on "Mark Your Gear" followed by a review of APRS with a demo of APRS.FI - which you can access on your laptop via browser OR via your cell phone.

The presentations will be followed by some practice using FLDIGI and, as a first for us, a brief demo and some practice using Winlink Telnet. Bring your laptop and join in the fun."

So … it’s going to be another great meeting. 
This is going to be another good one!

Be prepared ...

Please join us as we learn this exciting new means of digital communications! Here is a Quick Reference Guide to help you as you learn.


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The ARRL ARES Task Book has replaced the TN ARES Task Book (which replaced the METERS Task Book) as the guiding document for ARES training. In addition to the link in this announcement, there's a link to that document on our Training/Library page. Please begin working to transfer your completed tasks from the old book into the new one.  (it was recommended that we staple the pages of our TN or METERS task books that have been signed off, with the new one,  so we won't need to have the same requirements signed twice, as long as the requirement in the ARRL ARES book is the same).

Monthly 2022 Meetings

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Board Meeting
The June METERS Board meeting will be held Tuesday, June 21 at 6:30 PM as a Zoom meeting.  Board members will be notified. Members are welcome to attend a board meeting, so if you would like the contact information to attend, please email Cathi at by Monday night June 20, and she can send you the info to join up.

General Membership Meeting (Fourth Tues. of every month)

The June METERS General Meeting will be held Tuesday June 28 at 7:00 PM as an IN PERSON meeting!   We will be meeting at Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Knoxville(TCAT-K) at 1100 Liberty Street Knoxville! Our May meeting was pretty well attended, and Barry Brown K4BLB (Training officer for METERS) gave a presentation on EDC, and Bill Renaud(WR4MS) gave a great one on the S meter! We learned a lot!  We also had a chance to see others' GoBoxes!  We had a great time!

All current, past and future Ham Radio operators are welcome to come to a meeting to see what we do, and ask questions about our hobby. 

A map is available here for TCAT-K.


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